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Row Covers World | Floating Row Covers for Plant Protection

Row Covers Provide Ultimate Plant Protection

Row covers protect your plants from the harsh climate, destructive insects and even disease.

Do you want to extend your growing season well into the fall or start earlier in the spring?

You can do this easily with the row covers products that are available here at Rowcoversworld.com. These row covers and row covers accessories are top of the line products and are easy to assemble and break down for storage at the end of the season. Our row covers are available in many different sizes and can be customized in a number of ways to suit your plant protection needs.

What Row Covers Can Do For Your Crop

Row covers or floating row covers are a great addition to any gardener's tool shed because they can be used in so many ways:

  • Protect your plants from the cold wind and frost
  • Prevent spread of disease and the destructive habits of insects
  • Keep your plants from overheating in the hot sun
  • Keep your soil moist and your plants happy and healthy

Using Row Covers Is Easy And Efficient

The row covers products are very easy to use and quite effective in providing a cost effective solution for your plant protection needs. They can be draped right over your garden plants because they are light weight and will not crush the plants. You can also use metal hoops or PVC frames to support them. The edges of the fabric can be secured using metal staples or just with soil.

Floating Row Covers will last up to 3 years with proper care and if the season length is not too long. Once installed, plants can be watered directly through the row cover material. Increased protection of the planted crop can be achieved by using double row covers. Lay one row cover over the other and staple both in place. The additional row cover will add another 2 to 4° F of extra frost protection. Adding more than two layers of row covers is not recommended since each additional layer also reduces light transmission 10 to 12 percent.

Weeds will grow very well in the microclimate created under the covers and it is essential that weeds be controlled for maximum crop production. To weed the covered plant beds, remove staples from one side (preferably the leeward side if there is any breeze). After pulling weeds, reinstall the covers and all staples. To minimize the need to weed, a plastic mulch can be used under the row cover.

As the plants grow, the row covers will be lifted up, providing protection for the plants. The row covers can be left on until the plants pull the slack out of the row covers. At this point, the row covers must be removed to enhance plant growth. Remove the row covers when dry and roll it up, paying attention not to damage it and store for another season. Store in a dry place that is free of rodents.

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